Perfume test

I enjoyed working on some test images with Emma Witter. A great artist and set designer .

arianda grande.jpg

Musto - Water and Wet Suits

Getting some great briefs in from Tiger Savage and Will King of Savage and King for Musto. This shoot was great fun to do and highly technical. Water and Flash equipment can be very dangerous so we had to take great care .

One of our Final retouched images

One of our Final retouched images

Behind the Scenes .

Trainer series

I decided that I needed to start photographing more products to add to my portfolio. Shoes were chosen and photographed. backgrounds were made in 3d and the image of the shoe's were layered into the 3d environment .

Communist Buzzers

I have spent a lot of my time in a part of the world where communism was pretty much the only way to think. Now that's not the case and democracy ( of a sort ) rules. But much of the every day architecture of communism still exists and people don't simply have the vision, money or drive to change and move forward. These buzzers mark entry to the door ways of a set of apartments in a typical tower block in a town called Pitesti in Romania.

CGI Gun Sign

I created the whole scene in CGI with my ever developing skill set . The Idea came from a gun image that is used in a graphic sense to advertise gun shops in America. I just made the idea more 3 dimensional ! I was again testing Neon type lights.

CGI Image Neon 1

I have been testing Neon lights in CGI using Modo 901 by The Foundry. My understanding of light really comes into play in this field. As I light the scene and arrange things in the same way as i would in creating any photograph.

Graph Neon with Numbers
Modo grid.jpg