I hadn’t worked with Richard and Mark since they had left Weiden Kennedy. Great guys to work with as they really appreciate quality. So their idea of creating hand crafted detailed artwork ( via Richard at Andy Knight’s) required some research and specialist printing. We made three ads and also some moving image, more can be seen on my web site.

Ribena Heaven

Ribena with M and C Saatchi was great. I hadn’t shot moving liquid before. So it was nice to do something different. Lots of retouching was involved at the end of the day. Seeing the 48 sheet posters was great I had always wanted to do a Ribena shoot.

Thoughts of the day

We are much more than picture takers. With every job, we form a team alongside our clients and the whole process takes on an intensity that culminates in a day where the photograph is created. Its great, all that prep.. all that thought and then a photograph…. an advert.